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Legal indication:
Welcome to the web site of UFI GROUP. Please read this legal note before using this web site. All the contents of this site are totally possessed and controlled by UFI GROUP and protected by its royalties.
All waiving to the following conditions are submitted to a previous written authorization of UFI GROUP.

1-Site copyright
This site is a copyright of UFI GROUP. Its headquarters is in Boulevard Mohamed Bouazizi Immeuble Maghrebia - B.P 66 - 1080 Tunis Cedex - Tunisia.

2-Site content
Site content means the general structure, the texts and the animated and not animated pictures that make up the site.
UFI GROUP is trying its best to present an updated information on the site, but neither declare nor consent any guarantees or engagements concerning the accuracy, the updating or the exhaustiveness of the supplied information.
UFI GROUP accepts no liability in case of damage that outcomes from the use or dealing with the content.
UFI GROUP accepts no liability in case of inaccessibility to this site.

3-Responsability clause
The content of the proposed replies on the site, as well as the information and the accessible services on the UFI GROUP web site are at the disposal of the user as a pure indication.

4-Intellectual copyright
All the texts, comments, pictures and logos provided on the site are reserved as royalties, as well as an intellectual copyright excluding the generic photo of tourism accorded by CORBIS and the generic photos of finance, industry, service, real estate and corporate those are the property of the communication agency of the UFI GROUP.
All use of the site content without UFI GROUP's previous authorization is constitutive of forging.  

5-Data privacy and follow up
We invite you to send us your questions and comments concerning this web site or to mention any content that seems incorrect to you. Thank you for sending as your comments, as well as a copy of the blamed content using one of our follow up forms available on the site.

6-User's obligations
Our web site is freely open to the public but forbids to the internet surfers using the site to:
- Propose a content of a pornographic aspect or dealing with other dangerous themes.
- Broadcast illicit, malicious, misleading, threatening and harmful contents.
- Broadcast a content that undermines the privacy of a person or a group of individuals.
- Usurp the identity of a person or an entity, even that of a UFI GROUP employee, to wrongly confirm or denature his affiliation to a person or an entity. 


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