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The long way made since the creation of the first company in 1970 permits us to take place in our nation's economy and to tie essential relationships for the future of our group.
Thus, we have ben able to create wealth and stable employment, which is the aim of every responsible company.
Also, we are proud to have built a group that is solid, diversified and profitable on key values shared by our companies, our collaborators and our partners.


• First of all the human and the relational values: motivation, engagement, reactivity, and professionalism reassemble all our collaborators around the idea that our successes closely depend on the quality of our relationships with our partners and our clients.
“These people trust us and we have to deserve and entertain this confidence on a daily basis ".

• Then the technological and the innovating values: quality, reliability, regularity, respect, precision are the standards of our technical and industrial performances; they implacably guide our studies, our manufacturing, and our installations.
By registering in standardized procedures, our processes and our services, certified ISO 9001, comply with the demands of the leading international trademarks.

• Finally the managerial values: made of will, of rigour, and of measured ambition, our operational and strategic management fits resolutely in the constraints of the regional and international economic environment; with audacity and prudence, we strive to seize on the opportunities of growth and diversification that secure a long lasting development and the control of our future.

Firmly rooted on these values, vigilant and reactive, our group is engaged on the way of the future with confidence and faith. 


                                                                                                                                   Abdelaziz ESSASSI












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